What is it and how does it work?

Very easy:

In a game of golf everybody plays a round of 18 holes.
These are broken down into 2 X 9 holes and a total of the 18.
Everyone chips in 15 Euro (or dollars or Pounds) for the game.
5 for the first 9, 5 for the second 9 and 5 for the total (5-5-5).

Depending on how you play (Net) the better players of each round divy-up
the submitted amount for each round.

A special table is available for who gets what. i.e. with 10 players,
the best player gets 30, the second gets 15 and the third placed gets 5 back.
And this is done for the first 9 holes, second 9 holes and the total round.
You can define this table yourself.

So, if you don't do good on the first 9, then you can still fight for the
second and possibly total. That's, more or less, all there is to it.

But what happens when you have to start figuring out the ties. And when you
might be on a trip with 10 and more, then you've got some real work made out for you.
That's why we let a computer do the work for us. So everything is fair and square.

Well, I have a program that is very convenient to figure all that out, along with your scores,
according to official PGA rules and concidering the slope and course ratings.
You just have to know your playing handicap for the course to be played.

It can also simply be used for normal competition,
which includes games played in strokeplay, stableford, 4-ball bestball,
course-against-par and stableford as the pros do it. (all net + gross).

The program has been in use since 1989 for " The Green Jacket Society of Germany"
on their excursions to Ireland, Scottland and England and has always been steadily
kept up to date on the newest PGA rules.

The Program runs under Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000 + XP
with a Gupta/Centura Sql-Datenbase of the 4th generation.

Minimum System requriements:
286 Processor,
32 MB RAM,
66 Mhz,
10 MB Disk space
Centura SqlBase Desktop-Engine 6.12 or higher.

So you see, it can be used on practically every modern PC or notebook with proper software.

If I've awakened your interest, then click on the computer to see a small preview of the program:

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